Achill Back to Back presents Full Marathon (Running for Cystic Fibrosis)

Event ID : G2aIWVaCEO

Category : Running

Race Contact : Donna Mc Loughlin

Date & Starting Time : 28 August 2016 at 09:00am

Description :
This is a fully measured and AAI approved route. Challenge yourself in 2016 with a ‘back to back’ event Saturday and Sunday. Choose a double 10K, Half, Full or Ultra. The distances can also be mixed on either day. The 13.1 mile loop will begin at the Hy Brazil, Achill Sound. Participants will begin by running to the top of St.Fionnans road where they will turn left and follow the quiet, lonely roads through the villages of Shraheens, Derreens and Cloghmore. On this stretch, runners will pass Kildavnet and the 16th century Tower that was once occupied by the ‘notorious’ Pirate Queen Grace O’ Malley. Participants will continue, making a right turn at Cloghmore pier and continuing along the 'Atlantic Drive'. The myriad islands of Clew bay, Clare Island and the dramatic coastline of Achill, including Croaghaun, (Europe’s highest cliffs) all combine to take one’s mind off the lung-busting climbs. Below, the thundering Atlantic will inspire you up the hills along the rugged ‘Wild Atlantic Way’. There is plenty of elevation gain on this course (Sub 3 Hour pace has yet to be broken in the Marathon!) This is a unique road race with plenty of interaction and adrenaline-fuelled camaraderie. At the top of the Atlantic Drive, runners will descend the ‘corkscrew’ overlooking Ashleam Bay. Runners will turn left towards Doeega for a short out and back before turning back into Achill Sound to the start/finish area at the Hy Brazil. Half marathon runners will cross the finish line here. Full marathon runners will run this loop twice to make a distance of 26.2 miles. The Ultra Marathoners will face the scenery for a third loop! Back to back athletes will enjoy this loop in reverse mode the following day!



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